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To provide Non woven solutions and products that create new markets and improve existing usage and creating value for our customers, We endeavour to establish a long-term partnership with our customers by:
• Supplying
non woven solutions to provide competitive technological advantages;
• Supporting our customers with continuousand superior service.
We aim to be the world leader in PP non wovens fabrics.
Zend will continue to foster the professional growth of each company individual in respect of social and company values


Partnership : Seeing customers as partners and developing long term relations.
Innovation : To be innovative to develop new products and new markets
Trust : Building trust and transparency in relations with customers , vendors and employees
Sustainability : We're committed to use natural resources in an efficient way to minimise environmental impact and meet society's need for sustainable consumption.
Ethics : To be respectful to business ethics
Individualism : We believe in the dignity and worth of the individual. Every job is important and every associate is important. We encourage independent thinking and interests with the good of the whole in mind. We will treat fellow associates with fairness and respect.
Customer Satisfaction : To be easy reachable by customers and provide prompt replies to solve their problems and create value for them
Adaptability to change : To rapidly adapt ourselves to changes in market and technology
Teamwork : we become stronger and wiser when we get together. To succeed, we must assume responsibility, cooperate with fellow associates and departments, effectively communicate with one another, foster enthusiasm and participate in decision-making.

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