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Zend is one of the leading Polypropylene spun bonded (PPSB) Non Woven Fabric manufacturers in China, being in this field for over 10 years we operate 13 PP Spunbond lines (160,240,320 cm widths). We can specially offer 100% polypropylene non woven fabric which is widely used in Health - Hygiene, Medical, Packaging, Agriculture, Furniture Upholstery, Shoes and Garments. Our product range compose of: PP spunbond non wovens, Laminated nonwovens, final non woven products.

It is all in the choice of materials
quality policy is to pursue a programmer of continuous improvement aimed at meeting our customer's needs and expectations ˇ®right first time'.
Our raw materials of choice are 100% PP which are sourced from South Korea, Saudi Arabia and American. Fabric properties are checked at every stage of process and results are filed which enable to trace problems.

It is all in the effective customer service
All of us together are stronger and wiser than any one of us individually. To succeed, we must assume responsibility, cooperate with fellow associates and with departments, effectively communicate with one another, foster enthusiasm and participate in decision-making.
To be easy reachable by customers and provide prompt replies to solve their problems and create value for our customers.

It is all in huge production capabilities
Our ISO 9001:2000-certified factory is equipped with 13 assembly lines. We can produce 200 40HQ containers each month, allowing us to deliver orders in 3 days.

  • 1 day samples delivery
  • 11 years in manufactory
  • 24 hours fast response
  • 100% resposible for the quality
  • Value-added oriented
  • Own logistical team with low price

Zend is waiting for growing with you! Share with your inquiry now!



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