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Textiles raw materials prices Yiwu merchants orders "dilemma"

Nylon, polyester and other textile raw material prices, Yiwu merchants brought the first test of the New Year. Raw material prices, finished dare not rise. Order, pick up or not? Yiwu International Trade City in the city, many businesses opened an old year on the dilemma. It is reported that nylon as the representative of the multi-class textile raw materials, the recent rapid price increases, some varieties offer nearly doubled. Continue to fluctuate the market, so that businesses are not too much hoard goods, the original price strategy should also make adjustments.

Socks business has a single dare not pick up

New Year Yichun, the vast majority of industries ushered in the postganglionic replenishment and spring procurement peak. However, for many hosieries business, this wave season is somewhat helpless.

"Boot a day, a machine on the loss of three or four hundred dollars." House lady is an international trade city four socks business. She said that since the opening of the festival, raw material prices rose too fast, the factory encountered a "dilemma" problem: orders on a loss, do not order a single, not shipped and sorry for the old customers.

Reporters learned that the reason why businesses are difficult, because a raw material prices, the other end of the product and "not price." "Just over the last year on the price, some customers can not accept." Four business underwear Zhang introduced, buyers are very sensitive to price changes, the price of at least 1 to 2 months of adaptation. Most of the brand and quality advantage of the business, still need to rely on a reasonable price strategy to retain customers.

For raw material prices, floor, Ms. Lau two main ways to deal with: First, with the focus of business negotiations, so that the other part of the share price pressure to share; Second, the use of inventory before, a small amount, in batches to the customer delivery. Do not guarantee that the customer meal "eat", but to ensure that they are "not hungry" to maintain the customer.

Multi-class raw material prices

Raw material market, in the end how? Yiwu polypropylene silk manufacturer Zhu Rongxi have a certain voice.

Polypropylene yarn is mainly used in bags, belts and other industries, the main raw material is the oil derivatives polypropylene. Zhu Rongxi introduced in the past period of time, polypropylene powder ex-factory price has been up last year, the price of 9,000 yuan / ton, and now rose to 11,000 yuan / ton, or more than two into. In contrast, polyester filament rose more in recent months from the original 7000 yuan / ton, up to a million on a ton.

Reporters learned that the Lunar New Year after a short period of two weeks, the main raw material varieties rose again, styrene, polyester chips, MEG, etc. were significantly increased.

Basic raw materials, refers to rely on crude oil refining production of chemical raw materials. It can be said that most of the modern industry can not do without the support of these chemical raw materials, the most basic such as paper, clothing, pesticides, food and so on. Basic raw material prices, not only affect the industry chain, but also affect the ordinary people's basic necessities.

All kinds of basic raw materials, the socks industry, the application of a wide range of nylon materials, the most recent increase in the most obvious. There are businessmen, after the holiday manufacturers have raised the offer of nylon, such as Shijiazhuang, refining and nylon chips following the February 15 increase offer, 17 again raised the offer for the 21200 yuan / ton, cash factory. Due to short supply, Tianjin Hai Jing and some other manufacturers have suspended the offer of nylon chips. At present the conventional mainstream spinning offer 21,000 yuan / ton, high-speed spinning high-end products offer 22,000 yuan / ton.

It is understood that the current round of nylon prices began in November last year, 12 months after the blooming mode officially opened, conventional nylon from November 1, 12780 yuan / ton soared to 19,100 yuan / ton. Into February this year, the price of nylon rose again, to the current part of the quotation of manufacturers has reached 70%.

Late price trend is still uncertain

Domestic textile raw material suppliers, mostly concentrated in the north. The end of December last year, the northern region of a large area of #8203;#8203;haze, a serious impact on the Ministry of chemical industry started, resulting in nylon and other products continue to pull the market price.

"The basic raw material prices rose, the most injured is the production enterprises, the upstream price increases, the downstream buyers and not chaos prices in the middle of the small and medium private enterprises, by a lot of 'grievance'." House said.

Some analysts believe that after March, the terminal market started to follow up, nylon yarn in the cost and demand under the double or immediately with the rise. In particular, by the impact of Sinopec raised caprolactam, the late plant to follow up the possibility of a larger call, the raw material market is running high, the downstream chips and nylon silk market prices bullish. In the context of increasing chemical fiber boom, nylon rose or exceeded expectations.

However, some experts said that after March, upstream and downstream start is expected to return to normal, the market supply and demand will become stable.

Zhongda Futures Yiwu business general manager Xu Jinghao said, and the textile industry-related cotton, PTA futures products recently stable, offline raw materials market or have "echoed."

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