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Xinhua News Agency entered Shengze textile city, textile city Secret "major move"

Following the "Comment" reported that "the textile town of Shengze show new vitality", the Xinhua News Agency headquarters attaches great importance to the upgrading Shengze textile industry innovations, and included in the key topics as the textile city of the highly anticipated "big action, "Shengze textile City is not open to the community thermal attention. August 30, 2016, Xinhua News Agency reporter walked into the media Textile City Shengze, authoritative media Perspective Shengze textile industry upgrading of the road further.


To create opportunities for the planning and operation of the project Shengze Textile City, executive director of the company, Ms. MINIMALLY general manager accepted the Xinhua News Agency reporter interview. Shengze textile industry started early, but so far there is no unified pattern, businesses scattered, weak brand concept, issues such as spot trading volume less than normal to some extent, restricted the development of the industry, the new one-stop integrated professional market is big "city "the trend, in contrast, new business opportunities unannounced! Shengze Textile City is able to achieve cluster management, intelligence services, brand management and professional operation, so that the textile Shengze times, a long history. At the same time, for the buyers, the "one-stop" parity, procurement, and more convenient and user-friendly. Textile City Shengze first "professional market + Events + Internet" mode of operation, the project is not just a hardware and software are among the international forefront of clustering the professional market, while on the fourth floor also has the unique fashion publishing hall, used new release product communication and procurement docking and other business activities; in addition, Shengze textile City to take advantage of the "Internet + textile" era of remote look like, smart shopping guide, 3D mall and other #118alue-added services for buyers, constantly settled for businesses provide #118alue-added services.


As we all know, is a world famous Shengze Textile City, with abundant raw materials, supply chain advantage, while operating Shengze Textile City, is a professional textile market Shengze upgrading of innovations, benchmarking to make, will actively explore China Textile fabrics, silk boutique to international road.

Distribution center fabric, silk landmark

Is China Textile City Shengze textile professional market transformation and upgrading of pilot bases and China Eastern Silk Market, the upgrading benchmarking project, Wujiang Wujiang District and Hi-tech Zone (Shengze) key projects, an area of #8203;#8203;52,000 square meters, construction area of #8203;#8203;more than 17 square meters, more than 1800 shops, more than 1600 parking spaces. Projects "paddle to the city" concept plan, which the B1 layer silk finished 1-2 layers of fabric, 3 layer textile, luggage fabrics and accessories, four layers of Oriental Wisdom Valley maker space, Shengze Yun Textile City China Eastern silk market Exhibition hall, fashion hall and brand Trade and Exhibition Centre, 5 layer is a one-stop service center and textile trading support services, will play "an international professional market of textile fabrics" and "silk fashion boutique Trade and Exhibition Center" . Shengze Textile City will be a grand trial operation in October this year, China Eastern Silk Market on its 30th anniversary, let us wait and see.

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