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Spunbonding technology
Spunbonding technology
         Spunbond non-woven fabric is a chemical fiber spinning and nonwovens into the net, curing technology combined with technology. Spunbond process technology in recent years, despite great progress, but after all, still a young industry, the development of the industry, its craft technology has broad development space.
     The core of the technology is to improve the speed into the wire, increase spinneret spinning holes and multi-box configuration. As Reifenhauser company launched Reicofil IV production line, spun into yarn PP maximum speed up to 5000m / min, while the spinneret holes from the original 5000 holes / m increase to 7,000 holes / m, the production line speed can reach 800m / min. US Ason, J & M Laboratories Company spunbond production line PET spun spunbonded nonwoven fabric spinning speeds of up to 8000m / min or more, and a spinning speed spun PP spunbonded nonwoven fabric when reached 5000 ~ 6000m / min.
     Meanwhile, some of the spunbond equipment manufacturer dedicated to the development of multi spinning head equipment, spunbonded nonwoven fabric production plant is also the first multi-spinning transformation of the original equipment. Usually each production line configuration of 3 to 5 spinning beam, even as many as seven of the largest single production capacity has more than 20,000 t / a
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