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What are baby nonwoven wet wipes ?
Adult diaperBaby wet wipes are disposable cloths for the cleaning of infants#65533;#65533; skin.
These wipes are similar to dryer sheets in that they are not weaved. They are saturated with a mixture of components that are easy on the skin.
The disposable nonwovencloths were made in the later part of the 1970s and baby wipes were selling very soon after that. With these wipes being so expensive, only the larger companies could afford to produce them and controlled this market.
As technology grew and became more affordable, the smaller brands came out. By 1990, there were many supermarkets that had their own brand of wipes. The wipes from these companies had lower prices are drew more consumers in to buy them.Marketers are always coming up with new styles and sizes to attract users. One label uses Muppet Babies while others have characters on the actual wipe. One new trend with the wipes is being more natural. A variety of natural ingredientstend to increase the appeal of the products.
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