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A new technology of nonwoven fabric

The Root control bag is a new technology of non woven fabric which can be widly used in landscaping, and has a large demand in European countries.

As one of the leading nonwoven fabric manufacturers in China, Zend is always at the forefront of the new age, and the Root control bag is the new production that Zend non woven fabrics supplier launch.

Why this new product is so pupular? Because it has several adventages as below:
First, it is easy to remove. You can put it to wherever easily.
Second, stops the roots tips from spreading and can creates a root system you want.
Third, the nonwoven fabric is fast draining and very durable, because this bag does not easily biodegrade, making it a long lasting.
Forth, it provide a comfortable growing space for the plant, so the plant would grow better.
Fifth, it also has the efficacy of Moisture, it can protect the plants when the weather is dry.
The competitive advantages that the root control nonwoven PP bag have make it popular in landscaping field.
Adapted from Zend International Co.:   www.non-wovens.com

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