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Polipropilene Non-Woven Fabric banana cover

Packing:    wound round paper tube and wrapped up in pet film
Productivity:    15, 000 Ton/year
HS Code:    5603139000
Min. Order:    1 Ton
Color:    Full Range Available
GSM:    9-260g
Production L/T:    10 days
Sample L/T:    1 day
Payment:    40% T/T L/C
Export Markets:    Global

Polipropilene Non-Woven Fabric Fruit banana bunch cover

Polipropilene Nonwoven Fabric fruit covering will give a quicker and better growing and increase the harvest. Protecting the vegetables, strawberries and plants against frost, snow, rain, heat or damaged caused by creeps, pests and birds. Will increase the growing temperature and extend the growing season.

*Protect vegetables, strawberries, plants
*Earlier and increased harvest
*Protect against frost, snow, rain, heat, creeps, pest, birds
*Increase the growing temperature and extend the season
*Quicker and increased growing and enlarge the harvest
*Easy to install

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